Use of Premises

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  • Barnes Baptist Church is primarily a place of Christian worship. The Church reserves the right to refuse use of its   

         premises for any activities deemed by the membership of the Church to be contrary to our Christian ethos.

  • The premises are not suitable for childrens parties.
  • The maximum number of persons using the Church during anytime of it's hiring should not number more than 30 persons.
  • Neither the drinking of alcohol or smoking is permitted in the Church.
  • Applified music is allowed only with special consent.





  The hire rate for the Church is as follows                 


  • £50 per half day
  • £90 per whole day


  • Payment for hire of the Church is to be made in advance of use of the premises.
  • Neither Party shall be liable for its failure to perform any of its obligations due to causes outside the reasonable control of the Party.
  • If the hiring is cancelled for any such reason maximum notice shall be given by the effected Party. The Church shall refund any paid hire charge but shall not otherwise be liable to the Hirer.


  • The Church undertakes to ensure that the premises are safe and without risk to the health of any visitor/user.
  • The Church's insurance policy provides no cover for visitor effects. Any property which belongs to, or which may be under the custody or control of, anyone who hires or visits the Church, is brought to the Church entirely at the owners risk. The Church cannot accept liability for any such property, whether or not it is placed under the care of the Church, its employees, servants or agents.
  • Any liability arising out of the Hirer's activities on the premises is at the sole risk of the Hirer, and adequate public liability insurance must be arranged or be in place which should in addition indemnify the Church.
  • By entering into this agreement the Hirer confirms that they have, or will have, the necessary public liability insurance in place. The Church may also ask to see a copy of the public liability insurance certificate.


  • The Hirer undertakes to ensure orderly conduct by all attendees at their event.
  • The Hirer will indemnify the Church against all costs and expenses arising out of, or consequent upon, a breach of these terms and conditions.
  • The Hirer will notify the Church at the time of confirming the booking of those events and/or attendees of a high risk nature that may require additional security.
  • All persons engaged in supervision of/and working with children and/or vulnerable adults are to provide the Church with evidence of having been validated to do so by the Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS).
  • Any goods and items remaining on the Church premises are left at their owners risk.

For further information/enquiries please see webpage 'Contact Us'