A Word in Passing

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"God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, so that whoever

believes in him shold not perish but have life everlasting."

John 3:16


God's vulnerable love has been given its ultimate expression in God's own coming into the world. Coming because He refused to give up on a world that has forsaken Him. Coming because He has committed Himself to bringing his plans for his creation to fulfilment. Coming because His love alone is able to "bind up the broken hearted" and bind up this broken world.


In other words, we have every reason to trust God for something better - both for ourselves and for this, His creation. For God has proven with the giving of His Son that no thing and no one can ultimately prevent His will from being done; God's goal for God's creation being realised; His kingdom come.


The teaching of Jesus lays down for us the moral foundation and framework of that final kingdom. The death of Jesus provides the way by which we can enter into citizenship of that kingdom. And the resurrection of Jesus proclaims to the world that in this final kingdom the old order of sin and death will have no place. They have been vanquished for an eternity of love, joy and peace.


"He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be nomore death or mourning or

crying or pain, for the old oreder of things has passed away."

Revelation 21:8


At present there is still great evil in the world - and we are all caught up in it. But be assured, God is over all. He has not deserted us. He has committed himself totally to His creation. But until His creation is totally committed to Him it wll continue to be,


'subjected to frustration .. in bondage to decay .. groaning as in the pains of childbirth.'

Romans 8: 19-22


And as long as it is men and women will continue to do their deeds of darkness - sometimes, grossly, perversely in the name of God, often leaving Him to take the blame for their evil. But God has promised that one day He will act decisively and finally to clear His name; men and women of lawlessness, anti-christs, enemies of Jesus, will be seen for who and what they are and justice will be done.



Sometimes events can make that promise seem like wishful thinking. Sometimes it seems the darkness has all but extinguished the light. Sometimes the pain and despair can be so great that we question our ability to go on believing, hoping, and sometimes we may be left wondering why we do. But then we think on Jesus. And even though some questions remain unanswered and some of doubts linger we find that there is underneath all the turmoil of heart and mind, in that deepest of realms - the realm of the spiri, a reassuring voice and an assuring Presence that whispers us to,


".. take heart! For I have overcome the world." John 16:33



Graham Pulham