A Word in Passing



A WORD IN PASSING October 2017




When we were children, we used to play

At blowing the dandelion clocks away.

But have you ever held one in your hands

And examined in detail it's delicate strands?


Dozens of tiny seeds round the head,

Parachute fitted to each by a thread,

Forming together a gossamer ball,

Perfect in detail and perfect in all.


Did the dandelion think when it's petals were gone,

My glory is finished, my beauty is done?

Wait till next year, when the seedlings have spread,

There'll be dozens of bright shining flowers in it's stead.


Wonderous design for so common a weed,

Just to ensure the dispersal of seed!

And I thought, as I looked, we are part of God's plan

For dispersing His word among poor sinful man.


And deep in my heart there's a longing and prayer,

That in spreading His truths I may constantly share,

So that when I'm called home, there may be by His grace,

Many others to glorify God in my place.


Violet Hoare 1988

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