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                                                      A Word in Passing - December 2019

          Jesus shows us what God is like. He is,

                                                                              'the radiance of God's glory and the exact representation of his being' Hebrews 1:3

                 Jesus is God revealed to us. The God of grace and the God of truth. The God of grace because He holds out to us

     that which we do not deserve, that which we could not ourselves achieve - the offer of salvation, reconcilation to

     God, forgiveness of our sins. The God of truth because He is faithful, loyal and dependable to all who put their

     trust in Him. Jesus has promised that He will never reject anyone who comes to Him in faith trusting in His

     saving work upon the cross (John 6:37), and God's word promises that nothing can ever seperate us from his

     love, (Romas 8: 38-39).

          This is the Jesus we celebrate and worship. The Word who, 'became flesh and made His dwelling among us'

     John 1:14. This is the One who came and gave Himself completely for you and me, who allowed Himself to be

     scorned, rejected and nailed to the cross of Calvary, who took upon Himself the sin of the world, paying our

     penalty that we might go free. This is the One who rose again victorious because death and sin could not hold

     Him. This is the One who through His Holy Spirit continues His work even to this day; His light continuing to

     shine, His purpose continuing to be worked out until that great day when He Himself will return in glory to

      judge the living and the dead and bring to full realisation God's promised new creation.

          This is the Jesus we celebrate and worship. The Jesus of the Bible. The Jesus believed in and followed by all

     true Christians. The Jesus who will be at the centre of our Advent and  Christmas worship. The Jesus who is to

     be at the heart of who and what we are.

          This is the Jesus we invite you to come and hear about and worship at this and every season of the year -

      that this Jesus may be your Jesus too.    


                                                The Fellowship of Barnes Baptist Church

                                                        wish you a Happy Christmas

                                                                and a Blessed and Peaceful New Year

                                                            'Grace be with you'


                                                                                                                                                                        Graham Pulham