Welcome to the Website of

Barnes Baptist Church

Lonsdale Road, Barnes, London, SW13 9QL





   Sunday Worship  11 a.m.


You are welcome to our morning act of worship and invited to join

          us for a fellowship meal after the service.

                The Lord's Supper is celebrated on the first Sunday morning of each month.




          6th     Coffee Morning  10.30 am - 12 am


          7th     Discipleship - Why Disciples? Why Discipleship?

         14th    Discipleship - Knowing the Scriptures

                                                  (followed by Church Meeting)  


         21st    Discipleship - Developing Relationships

        28th    Discipleship - Personal Encounters with God






Wednesday 8 p.m. (at the Church)


           3rd  July -  Looking at 1 Timothy:  An Introduction


          10th     ,,       1 Timothy 1 - 'Fighting the good fight'

                              17th     ,,        1 Timothy 2 - 'Instructions on Worship'

       25th     ,,        1 Timothy 3 - 'Overseers and Deacons'

         31st      ,,        Prayer Meeting