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Barnes Baptist Church

Lonsdale Road, Barnes, London, SW13 9QL




This Month: July 2018




11 a.m. Morning Worship

Come and join the church family as we gather together to sing, share, pray

and hear God's word preached and applied. We're currently journeying

through Matthew's Gospel.

15th Speaker: Andrew Hicks - Genesis 38


29th Speaker: John Grant - Philippians


The Lord's Supper is celebrated on the first Sunday morning of each month.


4.30 p.m. Afternoon Meeting (please ring to confirm)

The Lord's Supper is celebrated every third Sunday afternoon of each month.





8.00 p.m. Midweek Fellowship

11th The Book of Judges Bible Study, discussion and prayer

at 75 Suffolk Rd, SW13 9NR


18th Archaelogy and the Book of Judges

at the Church