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'I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.' Philippians 4:13

    The answer to Christian effectiveness is summed up by the apostle Paul in this short sentance. It's the voice of experience and a voice all Christians wanting to be fruitful in the Lord's service should heed. Everything is possible for the Christian, but it is only possible 'through Him'.

We may move in the best of Christian circles, worship at the best of churches, read the most enlightening of Christian books and magazines, attend the most informative and inspiring Christian conferences, but helpful and encouraging though they be, they of themselves cannot make us effective Christians i our Lord's service. True effectiveness in our Christian lives only comes - and will only come 'through Him'.

Faith is, of course, essential if we are to be effective Christians. But sometimes even with the greatest of faith things don't happen as we'd expect or like them to. That's because faith by itself is not enough. Faith must be accompanied by divine power and that power is dependent on God's presence. It no problem for God to make up what we lack in faith and power. But neither will be forthcoming unless He Himself gives us license to exercise them in the first place. 'Keeping in step with the Spirit' Gal 5:25 is the key to Christian effectiveness ensuring we are about God's work in God's time and place. It's then that we find ourself able to 'do everything through Him who gives me strength.'

                                                                                                                               Graham Pulham

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