A WORD IN PASSING - November 2022

           'Only be careful and watch yourselves closely so that you do not foget the things your

            eyes have seen or let them slip from your heart as long as you live.'  Deutronomy 4:9

     What we are today has its roots in what happened yesterday. 'The present is a child of the past.' The two cannot be seperated, nor should we try to seperate them, for together they tell us not only where we are and how we have come to be where we are, they also tell us why we are, and why we are as we are.

That's as true for Christians as it is for non-Christians.

God calls us to remember: to learn from the past and apply lessons learnt to the present; to learn from the past and to translate its message of God's faithfulness into hope for the future.

God calls us to remember, and the yearly festivals of the Christian Church help us to do just that. But so too does Sunday attendance at Church and participation at the Lord's Supper. As does our own Bible reading, study and prayer. 

God calls us to remember, and the lessons of history clearly show that when we fail or refuse to remember and learn then we do so at great cost. Cost both to ourselves and to others.

     Its a lesson we too often fail to learn. But thankfully God is bigger and greater than our yesterdays and todays, and thankfully God will always be sufficient for our tomorrows. Failure in our carefulness and watchfulness may prove physically, mentally and socially costly but will never prove spiritually fatal as long as we do not let God slip from our heart. As long as we take time not to forget.

                                                                                                                                                     Graham Pulham